Rudolph Mintz III, Kinston, North Carolina

From criminal law to divorce to business ventures, the assistance of a trustworthy lawyer is essential in a variety of contexts. If you are currently dealing with one of the aforementioned legal concerns, you are encouraged to work with the Mintz Law Firm, No matter the nature of your case, Mr. Mintz will deliver a satisfactory resolution.

Practice Areas

A versatile lawyer,Mr. Mintz boasts the knowledge and background necessary for success in an array of legal contexts. He works primarily in criminal law, defending those who have been accused of committing a variety of crimes. As a criminal attorney, Mr. Mintz works tirelessly to ensure that all of his clients’ constitutional rights have not been violated. Likewise, Mr. Mintz prepares all of his criminal cases with the expectation they may go to trial. These efforts often result in favorable plea offers or dismissed charges.

In addition to providing legal defense for clients accused of committing crimes, Mr. Mintz offers representation and advice for those with family law concerns. These include: separation, divorce, child support, child custody, name changes, and adoptions. Due to the delicate nature of family law disputes and child custody concerns, Mr. Mintz makes himself available at all times to his clients.

Mr. Mintz also provides representation and advice for business and commercial concerns and disputes. His experience in these matters include: drafting, buy out agreements, stop purchase agreements, bylaws, articles of incorporation, among many other essential documents.

A Valued Legal Resource For Kinston Residents

Whether you are currently dealing with criminal charges or trying to navigate your way through a nasty divorce, you can count on the Mintz Law Firm. This trusted law firm is one of Kinston’s top resources for those in need of legal advice and representation. Rudolph Mintz prides himself on his thorough understanding of multiple facets of the North Carolina legal system, as well as his top-notch communication skills. He makes an effort to address all of his clients’ concerns, always telling them what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear. In spite of this straightforward approach, Rudolph Mintz always manages to maintain a respectful candor.

This combination of assertiveness and compassion is very appealing in a lawyer and, as such, it is easy to see why the Mintz Law Firm, PLLC is held in such high esteem by those living and working in and around Kinston. If you require high-quality legal service, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mintz Law Firm, PLLC.