Criminal Defense

Few areas of law are as emotionally charged as criminal defense. After being accused of committing a crime, you may feel angry, depressed, embarrassed, or hopeless. In the midst of such anxiety, you should not be forced to face the criminal justice process alone. Fortunately, with Rudolph I. Mintz III by your side, you do not have to. A respected criminal attorney with a wonderful reputation in Kinston and throughout the state of North Carolina, Rudolph Mintz is the ideal advocate to turn to in the midst of stressful criminal allegations.

Criminal Charges and Potential Repercussions

Even seemingly minor criminal allegations can lead to shockingly harsh repercussions. You could face significant fines, mandated community service, participation in drug treatment programs, or time behind bars. The consequences unfortunately do not end after you have completed your sentence, for long-term repercussions of criminal records often include difficulty in obtaining housing and employment. Your mental health may also suffer; the criminal process can completely shatter your confidence, which is not likely to bounce back if you face repeated rejections as you search for a job.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Once you’ve been accused of committing a crime, the biggest possible mistake you can make is trying to navigate the criminal justice system on your own. If you wish to emerge from this complicated system with as minimal of repercussions as possible, it is imperative that you work with a trusted criminal defense attorney. Legal counsel is necessary through all phases of the criminal process, including initial questioning, arraignment, plea bargaining, and of course, trial. Without counsel from a knowledgeable criminal lawyer, you risk inadvertently incriminating yourself or otherwise harming your case.

Rudolph Mintz: Passionate Advocacy for Every Client

Rudolph I. Mintz III has long been passionate about defending the rights of the criminally accused. He believes that far too many individuals face wrongful allegations and harsh sentences not in keeping with the crimes they’ve supposedly committed. Whether your goal is a case dismissal or a reduced sentence, you can achieve it with Rudolph Mintz by your side. Reach out to the Mintz Law Firm, PLLC to learn more about the local criminal justice system and how Rudolph Mintz can help you secure a favorable case resolution.